Planting tree in Islamabad

Planting tree in Islamabad

Today I planted a tree in Islamabad with coperation of environment secretery of Islamabad . we had appointment at 11:30 in front of main gate of Fatimah Jenah park in Islamabad which is main and biggest park in Islamabad .it was great for me that people who work there was very carfull about preparing the whole and making a place for plate . they worked so carfull and everything was perfect .I am thanksful of Mr Orangzeib ,director of environment secretery of Islamabad for his favor coperation and his attention to this plan .and also Mr Habib helped me alot to orgnise this plan . so I did my job in Pakistan and I have to leave here and go ahead to grand India , the place which I am thinking about . India is my next destination and just befor that I will go to Lahor and I will stay there for 2 days to visit it and after that goodbye Pakistan .

کاشت آخرین درخت در پاکستان و در شهر اسلام آباد

امروز در پارک بزرگ شهر اسلام آباد معروف به(پارک فاطمه جناح)ونزدیک درب ورودی مهران مراسم درختکاری انجام شد که تلاش دوستان پاکستانی دراین امر قابل ستایش است چرا که برای محل کاشت درخت ونصب پلاک یادبود موقعیت مناسبی فراهم کردند.

ضمنأ من به لاهور برخواهم گشت واحتمالا بعد از یکی دوروز توقف جهت انجام مراحل قانونی برای ورود به هندوستان بزرگ با پاکستان خداحافظی خواهم کرد


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Released at July 2
I have been in Iran quite a long time. I am here to develop the WNT Association in Iran which takes lots of time and energy. But it definitally is needed to spend this time here to have the Association working. 
To be honest it is not easy for me to stay somewhere longer than a month and is getting super hard but in the other hand I have no choice. Just need to be patient and concentrate on this work. 
Hopefully I can manage it sooner to be free again and continue my journey. I am also looking for a publisher to publish my book.