Last of Nepal

Last of Nepal

After about 25 days staying in Kathmandu and about 45 days in Nepal fanally today I will leave here with too much memory from this beautiful land and nice friends which I found here from all over the world. when I arrived to Kathmandu I didnt feel good and just I liked to get of from this crazy city and specially crazy area(Thamel),but 25 days staying here was enugh to make root and grow on this land,such a tree and tonight I am going to cut all roots and is part of my trip and also part of life,leaving and leaving and leaving....there is no place for you to live for ever and everything is passing and just you have to accept it.

A few last days I was busy with my friends who came from my city and we had great time together.Amir and Mahbobe two of my close frinds who staied with me and again I left is very nice and beautiful and just we have to enjoy,even of leaving which there is a hope to meet again,nobody knows what will happen.I am not sad ,but I feel that I am leaving some part of my heart here ,but in the other hand there is new frinds waiting for me,and new road .yes road is calling me,and I miss it.

Tommarow I will be in Malasya and it is such a nice dream.just when you oppen your eyes you will be in completly new atmospher.after 4 month traveling in treditional countries everything will change just by a moment I will be in very modern city with very modern buildings and cars and ......I used to change places gradually,but this time everything will change saddenly and it would be nice.

And about Nepal....I dont know how I can explain it ,how I can write about .Nepal is such a beautiful country with amasing mountain and nature,which it has ignored .peaple in Nepal living in very hard situation and really they are poor,but people from all over the world are helping them and it is nice but not enogh.they need to have more confidence instead of food ,if they had self confidence ,then they will run their life.they need everything,education,healthcare,food, is impossible to count them.just they are poor and not having money to live is biggest problem there.but I have to acknowdage that they are really calm and they are living very peaceful.Nepal is very safe place and just in such a poor country like Nepal you can travel very safe without any problem.I am sure that I cant say something correct about Nepal due to I lived in touristy places and just I contacted with tourists and I didnt have much chanse to live with Nepaly people,so I can not tell about them.I found Nepal as a place to find some frinds from other countries and I did indeed.

Sorry my mind has blocked due to I am in airport and waiting for fly already which it has about 9 hours delay and just now they told me that maybe the fly become cancel and it means that I will loss the fly from Daka to KUL,so I cant write more right now,maybe later........



Yes the fly canceled and just I came back Kathmandu and Thamel,it was about midnight .again Kathmandu ,but it was nice due to I could see my frinds again ,I could have another lunch with Anamaria who is really kind and nice frind and has a dream to travel around the world for childrens of mountain which is really great dream and nice to her and her boyfrind due to this great we had lunch in Kathmandu guest house which was my lovely place in Thamel and I spent too much time there meanwhile I was there.and after that just go back hotel and transfer to airport to fly to was about 5pm and after 3 hours delay we took in the plain and after 1 hour waiting there again we took out due to some stupid reason and after half hour again we took in and fortunatly airoplain could take off and now I am in Daka (Bangladesh)waiting for another fly to KUL.

Finally I could get out of Nepal and just looking for cycling again.

Sorry I was talking about I told I couldnt make good contact with people due to people here are not like Indian sociable and just in touristy places I could contact with Nepaly people.and must of them look at tourist just as a costomer trying to sell them.I have to acknowdage that Nepal made me a little bit disapointed ,I heared alot about Nepal and I couldnt find there things that people talked about.even nature made me disapointed due to people in villages and mountain just cut trees and never plant again and I am sure after 10 years we cant see mountain like this and there wont be any joungle.befor the trip I tought that they dont have any road to villages due to have a pur nature but I couldnt find it out and just there is nobody to care about them.they work hard ,but they gain nothing and like India and Pakistan just afew of people are rich and others are living in poorness.....sorry I dont have really currect idea about Nepal and it is better to avoid of any jodgment which would be wrong.

I wrote befor that I didnt decide to go Nepal and just I felt that I have to go and I did,so I was not looking for discovering there,thats why I dont know more about.

4 April 2007


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Released at October 6

I had 10 days of cycling in Iran, going up and down through many hills and mountains which was quite hard in my first days of cycling.
Finally I made it on the righ ttime to be in Golestan national park where I am going to run a campaign to clean up the park from trash. I have invited people from all over the country to come and join to clean it up. 
The campaign will start tomorrow morning and will continue 6 days till October 12. 
Afterward I will keep cycling north....