My most BITTER memory in whole trip happened in Thailand

My most BITTER memory in whole trip happened in Thailand

I left Pattaya about 3pm and I cycled ahead to Rayong. I had about 350km to the border and plenty of time, so there was no rush. I decided to cycle to Rayong and pass it, so I didnt want to stay in any city along the way to the border, due to in cities it is impossible to camp and I proffered to camp, so I had to be out of town. I arrived Rayong about evening and just I passed it and after about 20km cycling at night I found a very nice petrol station with 24 hours shop and very clean services and most important thing it has a shelter.

I asked them to put my tent and they accepted ,so I put my tent under shelter and at first I needed to take a shower. for me one of most important things is taking shower everyday and everyday I have to take a shower. but the petrol station didnt has any bath room and I had to do it inside a toilet ,doesnt matter, cleaning body is important and I did it with some pot which is for using in toilet. hats fine and after that I had dinner and sleep inside the tent. a day after in the morning.

I woke up and after breakfast I start cycling to Pathanburi which was about 100km from that point, so I cycled ahead to the east and that city. there is no more special event to say and just normal cycling. I arrived to Pathanburi too hungry and directly I went to the city to eat a good food.KFC was a nice place to eat and after that I preferred to get out from the city to find a place for camping, I was looking for a petrol station which is almost best choice. after about 10km I found a sign board side the road which showed me a waterfall just 2km far from the main road. It was wonderful and in fact it was beginning point of my most harmful part of my whole trip. I took that small and tiny road which guided me to the waterfal, after passing few Dogs with their figuring arrived to a gate which was open.

I came inside in very steep and muddy road to a house which was belong to the attendent.3 wild dogs came to say welcome!!!to me and a man who looks that he didnt hear any sound of Dogs and after few minutes I asked him to come and collect his Dogs. finally he came down and he lit a torch on my face ...he couldnt speak English at all, almost like all the Thailand. Finally I could understood him about my purpose..."I want to sleep here. Put tent.

I have tent and showing him form of tent by hand ...."Another guy came down with a gun in his hand and asked me for passport. I gave him my passport and he told me he wants to keep my passport and I didnt let him to do that. I told him "ok I will give you but I dont know me your ID card then I will do it...then he start to call somebody and some body was his boss.and just I could undrestand he is saying Iran...then he cut the phone and told me NO. You cant stay here. But not with words due to even he didnt know the nombers."What? I cant stay here? For what? Here is a public place and I want to stay here at night...."again that fucking shit story.

I was from Iran and I couldnt stay there. I became too angry and so sad and I start to tell them everything as could...however they couldnt understand what I am talking about and .I came back and just I was walking on muddy road to get asphalt road that they came and passed me on motor bike. I saw that they closed the gate and in front of gate they stopped me and one of them came close and start to touch my bags. I took his hand and push his hand away from my luggages and I was too angry and it made me more.

Again he came to touch and he Saied BOMBING ....and start to search and just I pushed him away and ...I told them you are not police man and I never let you to do that. just go away and just I was talking with anger and no resolt.they were villagers and not educated people and everything is possible to be done with them. The other guy made his gun ready to shoot and in that time I told myself..."hey guy. They have no idea about anything and they can do everything without ant thought. So just run away from this jam and follow it by police. so I found that in that situation it is better just to leave. I gave him my hand to say good bye and just I run away to find a police station. It was about 8:40 at night and completely dark. I was riding in dark crying. Thailand has really great people and wonderful nature ,but from the start I have no good memory from its official persons and its government.getting visa,getting inside and in the border,extention visa and now even one noneducated vilagers had that shit manner with me .I should be very very stupid to bring BOMB along myself 7month to explod it in jungle and kill some trees.!!!!!!and that man should be really stupid to think like that.however I cycled about one hour to find a police was 9:30pm.police station and one naked guy who had just a short pans inside ,I asked him that I want to talk with a police man ....he had no idea what I am talking about .after half hour he came and brough one of his nibors who was alady and she could speake a little bit English ..thats fine at least I can say what I am looking for.

She came with her sister and her children and I explain her what happened and I told them I want to go there with a police man tonight.they asked me my passport and when I handed it to lady it seems that it was the first time that they saw a forigner passport and when they all looked my passport page by page they told me thismatter is not related with that station and I have to come back to Pathanburi and ask police there.meanwhile we were talking another police man came with under wear coulths and it was a fun for them ,however they were not happy,due to they had to stay awake and they couldnt sleep!!!!finally after more than one hour talking they told me that I can leave my bicycle there and one of them is going to bring me to the police station and he will accompany me and we will come back together ,then I can take my bicycle and go. But at first they were ceruse that you have to bike there, and it was impossible for me cycling back 30km at night. However the guy went out to become ready and others also they left there.

One hour later ....I was still alone in the police station and nobody there. Finally after more than one and half hour one of them came and he told me you can stay there. But I have to go that place and unfortunately he had no idea again and I found that I can do nothing with them and no choice .just I can write a letter to Iranian embassy and ask them to follow this impolite manner. I stayed there at night and also today I couldnt leave there before 12am due to very heavy rain. and I did nothing so just I left there, but I have to say that manner of one the staff was really nice and he was very kind to me. thanks him for his humanity.

I left there and I cycled ahead to Trat which was about 60km from there and also I didnt stay in Trat and just was riding again at night. main road had finished and I was riding a local road that is very beautiful and nice and also quiet. cycling at night was too nice and I decided to bike to Khlon tai which is just 15km from border, but 20 km before that I heard sound of music from a temple off the road and just came there to see what it is about, it was funeral function and one guy run to me and asked me about staying there at night. thats fine.

Tomorrow I have plenty of time and no more riding so I can stay here and see how it is Thai funeral. they gave me a room in temple and after shower and eating dinner with them I am writing there now and many thanks Thai people and ....unfortunately I have to say that I am happy to leave this country and I dont think that till they have this situation in their country I come back again Thailand. really it is the first country that I am happy to leave it. I had best place to visit in Thailand and I had best experience in Thailand and also I had worth memory in Thailand, my most bitter memory is in Thailand and .... however I love Thai people and nature of Thailand ..

1 July 2007

تلخترين خاطره من در كل سفر در تايلند اتفاق افتاد

 حدود ساعت 3 بعداز ظهر پاتايا رو ترك كردم و با دوچرخه به سمت رايونگ پيش رفتم.350 كيلومتر تا مرز راه مانده بود و وقت زيادي هم داشتم در نتيجه عجله اي هم در كار نبود.تصميم گرفتم به سمت رايونگ برم واز اون عبور كنم و نمي خواستم در طول راه تا مرز در هيچ شهري بمونم بدليل اينكه در شهرهاچادر زدن غير ممكي بود و من ترجيح ميدادم كه چادر بزنم و مجبور بودم بيرون شهر باشم.حدود بعداز ظهر بود كه به رايونگ رسيدم و فقت از اون عبور كردم. بعداز حدود 20 ساعت پا زدن در شب يك پمپ بنزين ديدم كه يك مغازه 24 ساعته داشت باسرويسهاي تميزومهمتراز همه اينكه يك سايه بون داشت.ازشون خواستم كه چادرم رو زير سايه بون بگذارم وآنهاهم قبول كردند.اولين چيزي كه احتياج داشتم اين بود كه دوش بگيرم براي من يكي از مهمترين چيزها اين است كه هرروزدوش بگيرم.متآسفانه پمپ بنزين حمام نداشت ومن مجبورشدم توي دست شويي حمام كنم . تميزكردن بدن مهم است ومن اين كارروباظرفهايي كردم كه دردستشويي استفاده مي شد.بعد از اون داخل چادر خوابيدم. صبح روز بعد بيدار شدم و بعد از صرف صبحانه به سمت پاتان بوري كه حدود صد كيلومتراز اونجا فاصله داشت حركت كردم.تا اون موقع هيچ اتفاق خاصي نيفتاده بود و من فقط با دوچرخه به سمت جلو حركت ميكردم . زمانيكه به پاتان بوري رسيدم خيلي گرسنه بودم و يك راست به سمت شهر رفتم تا غذاي خوبي بخورم. كي اف سي مكان خوبي براي غذا خوردن بود. بعد تصميم گرفتم به بيرون از شهر برم و جايي براي چادر زدن پيدا كنم. دنبال يك پمپ بنزين مي گشتم چون هميشه بهترين انتخاب است.

بعد از حدود ده كيلومتر تابلويي در كنار جاده ديدم كه علامت آبشار رو نشون ميداد كه حدود 2 كيلومتر از جاده اصلي فاصله داشت. فوق العاده بود و در حقيقت در تمام طول سفر شروع بدترين قسمت آن بود. وارد راه باريكي شدم كه به سمت آبشار ميرفت بعد از گذشتن از چند سگ به يك در چوبي رسيدم كه باز بود.

وارد يك راه سراشيبي گلالود شدم كه به خانه اي كه متعلق به يك / / / / بود منتهي ميشد. 3 سگ وحشي براي خوش آمد گويي به سمت من و مردي كه به نظر ميرسيد اصلا صداي آنها را نمي شنود آمدند . بعد از گذشت چند دقيقه از مرد خواستم كه سگ هايش را دور كند. او پايين آمد و چراغ قوه اش رو تو صورت من انداخت. اصلا نميتونست انگليسي صحبت كند تقريبا مثل تمام تايلندي ها. بالاخره تونستم منظورم رو بهش بفهمونم كه ميخوام امشب اينجا بخوابم. باعلامت هاي دست بهش فهماندم كه ميخوام توي چادر بخوابم. يك مرد ديگه با تفنگ پايين اومد و از من خواست كه پاسپورتم رو بهش نشون بدم. پاسپورتم رو نشون دادم و اون گفت كه ميخواد نگهش داره اما من ندادم. بهش گفتم باشه من اين كارو ميكنم اما من تورو نميشناسم كارت شناساييت رو نشون بده تا من هم پاسم رو بدم. به يك نفر تلفن كرد كه به نظر ميرسيد رئيسشه از حرفاش فقط يك ايران فهميدم بعد تلفن رو قطع كرد و گفت كه نمي توني اينجا بموني. . . اما نه با كلمات. گفتم : چي ؟ نمي تونم اينجا بمونم؟ چرا؟ اينجا يك مكان عمومي است و من ميخوام شب بمونم. و دوباره همان داستان قديمي . . . . من ايراني بودم و نمي تونستم اونجا بمونم. خيلي ناراحت و عصباني شدم و با وجود اينكه هيچ چيز از حرفهاي من نمي فهميدن هر چيزي كه مي تونستم بهشون گفتم .بركشتم و همينطور كه داشتم راه گلي رو طي ميكردم تا به جاده آسفالت برسم آنها آمدند و از كنار من با يك موتور سيكلت عبور كردند. بعد در رو بستن و من رو مقابل آن نگه داشتند. يكي از آنها نزديك شد و شروع كرد به ور رفتن با كيف من. دستش رو گرفتم و هلش دادم عقب. عصباني بودم و اين كار آنها عصباني ترم كرد. دوباره نزديك شد و گفت: بمب؟ و خواست وسايل منو بگرده منم هلش دادم و گفتم تو پليس نيستي و من اجازه اين كارو به تو نميدم. از سر راهم برو كنار. من با عصبانيت با آنها حرف ميزدم آنها آدمهاي محلي سطح پايين بودند و هر كاري ممكن بود كه بكنند. يكي ديگشون تفنگشو در آورد كه به من شليك كند و اينجا بود كه به خودم گفتم" هي پسر " آنها هيچي حاليشون نيست و ممكن است بدون فكر هر كاري بكنن.پس بايد از اون وضعيت بغرنج فرار ميكردم و به پليس اطلاع ميدادم.فكر كردم تو اين موقعيت بهتره كه اونجا روترك كنم. با آنها دست دادم به معناي خداحافظي و دويدم تا يك ايستگاه پليس پيدا كنم. ساعت حدود 8:40 دقيقه شب بود و هوا كاملا تاريك. همينطور با دوچرخه در تاريكي پا ميزدم و اشك ميريختم. تايلند واقعا مردم بزرگ وطبيعت فوق العاده اي دارد اما من از ابتدا خاطره خوبي از ماموراش و دولتش نداشتم. گرفتن ويزا و ورود لب مرز و حالا هم اينجا اين روستايي هاي بي فرهنگ. من بايد خيلي احمق باشم كه با خودم 7 ماه بمب حمل كنم بيارم اينجا تو جنگل يك مشت درخت رو بكشم. و اون مرد هم خيلي بايد احمق باشد كه همچين فكري بكند. خلاصه 1 ساعت راه رفتم تا به ايستگاه پليس رسيدم. ساعت 9:30 بود تو اداره پليس يك مرد لخت بود كه فقت يك شورت پاش بود بهش گفتم ميخوام با پليس صحبت كنم ولي اون متوجه نشد چي گفتم. بعد از نيم ساعت با يكي از همسايه هاش اومد كه يك زن بود و يكمي انگليسي بلد بود. حالا ميتونستم بگم چي ميخوام. اون با خواهراش و بچه هاش آمدند و براشون توضيح دادم كه مي خوام امشب با يك پليس به اونجا برم. آنها از من خواستند كه پاسم رو بهشون نشون بدم و وقتي نشون دادم انگار اولين بارشون بود كه يك خارجي ميديدن. وقتي پاسم رو صفحه به صفحه نگاه كردن گفتن كه اين موضوع مربوط به پليس اونجا نمي شه و من بايد برگردم به پاتان بوري و از پليس آنجا درخواست كنم. در اين حين يك پليس ديگه با زير شلواري اومد براشون خنده دار نبود خوشحالم نبودن چون مجبور بودن شب بيدار بمونن و نخوابن. بالاخره بعد از يك ساعت صحبت به من گفتن كه ميتونم دوچرخم رو اونجا بذارم و يكي از آنها من رو به ايستگاه پليس راهنمايي ميكند و بعد با من برميگرده تا دوچرخم رو بردارم و بروم. اولش به من گفتن كه بايد با دوچرخه برم اما من نمي تومستم 30 كيلومتر رو دوباره برگردم. خلاصه اون مرد رفت كه حاظر بشه و بقيه هم رفتن.يك ساعت بعد هنوز تو اداره پليس تنها بودم و هيچ كس آنجا نبود. بالاخره

بعد از يك ساعت و نيم يكي اومد و گفت كه تو مي توني اينجا بموني.اما من بايد ميرفتم اونجا و متاسفانه آنها هيچ كاري نمي تونستن برام بكنن.فهميدم كه چاره ديگه اي ندارم. فقط ميتونستم يك نامه به سفارت ايران بنويسم و از آنها بخوام كه به اين رفتار نادرست رسيدگي كنن. . . .اونجا موندم و تا ساعت 12 ظهر به دليل بارون شديد نتونستم اونجا رو ترك كنم. بايد بگم كه رفتار يكي از اونها واقعا با من خوب بود. ازش به خاطر انسانيتش ممنونم.اونجا رو ترك كردم و به طرف ترت كه حدود 60 كيلومتر با اونجا فاصله داشت رفتم. در ترت هم نموندم و همچنان به حركت در شب ادامه دادم. جاده اصلي تمام شد و من وارد يك راه محلي كه بسيار زيبا و ساكت بود شدم. حركت در شب خيلي خوب بود و من تصميم گرفتم به طرف خلون تاي كه حدود 15 كيلومتر تا مرز فاصله داشت بروم. حدود 20 كيلومتر مانده بود به اونجا برسم كه صداي آهنگي از يك معبد كه خارج از راه بود شنيدم و رفتم به اون سمت كه ببينم چي است. . .!!! مراسم تدفين بود.يك مرد به سمت من اومد و گفت كه ميتونم شب را آنجا بمونم. خوب شد .فردا يك عالمه وقت داشتم كه به كارهام برسم بعلاوه ميتونستم مراسم تدفين رو هم ببينم. آنها در معبد به من يك اتاق دادن و بعد ش دوش گرفتم و با آنها شام خوردم و شروع كردم به نوشتن. خيلي از مردم تاي ممنونم. متاسفانه بايد بگم كه خيلي از اينكه اين كشور رو ترك ميكنم خوشحالم و تا زمانيكه وضعيت شان به اين شكل است به اين كشور نخواهم آمد.اين اولين كشوري است كه از ترك كردنش خوشحالم. بهترين مكانها رو در تايلند ديدم بهترين تجربيات و ارزشمندترين خاطرات رو داشتم و تلخ ترين آنها رو و بايد بگم كه تايلند طبيعت زيبايي دارد و من مردم تاي رو دوست دارم


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Released at September 13
After I left Tehran, I travelled for a 9 days with my 14 years old nephew in Iran. Now I am back and getting ready tostart cycling in 2 weeks. I am also organizing a campaign in the second week of October in Golestan national park. 
These days I am just training to get ready and fit soon again. Luckily I am in a goo dshape. My only concern is to have a pair of tire which I cant find here in Iran and I need someone to send me from Europe.