Where I am , what I am doing

Where I am , what I am doing

I am Still in Bangkok. My friend came yesterday to meet me, so just we will spent few days together and then we will go to Malaysia, I will go there to pass for Indonesia and he will fly back to Iran. It is nice to be with a nice friend for a while and share our joy.

He is also my supporting team manager and it is very good chance to talk about our work. When I was in Iran , I was so busy with family and friends and I really had no time to talk with, and now we have enough time for. It is really important for me if we can organize our work to use of the project of WE NEED TREES to increase the awareness of taking care about trees and our environment.

These days I am hardly thinking about an organization to work for trees and just waiting to find a chance to establish it with someone who are heartily interested to work for nature. It is not a job for anyone who can make money from and everyone who become involved to this work has to work for him/her selves, due to nature is belong to all of us and we all need to use it, so we all have to try to save it for future and also today. As you are reading news, everyday you can find some news about Global warming, dieing dolphins, melting pole ices, drying habitats lakes and etc.

It is so hard to see how our nature is destroying and how our world is going to be changed to a planet of machine, pollution and population, who are just using sources and using and using

After I had lecture in AIT compos school, I had chance to meet Dr mosey and we talked about this project a lot, he invited me to have a dinner and there was another Iranian who is living in California, Mr Farahani thought me some idea about this project and I consider his meeting as a bless from nature. Now I am looking forward to reach the idea he has thought me. It is a little bit hard to achieve that idea, but everything is possible and just we have to believe to what we want to do and do it.

These days are passing, sometime I feel that I dont work well due to I dont cycle, but I am working for my project and they are in the same level of importance.

Before I start the trip, cycling and visiting the world was my first aim, but during the time it has changed and now my trip in influenced by the project of We Need Trees and trees became my first aim. So I plan my trip regarding to what I can do for nature.

I will stay next day in Bangkok and then I will go to visit Phi Phi again and to Malaysia.

But actually just GOD knows what will happen. Let see the river where will goI promise to follow that.

13 Nov 2007


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Released at September 13
After I left Tehran, I travelled for a 9 days with my 14 years old nephew in Iran. Now I am back and getting ready tostart cycling in 2 weeks. I am also organizing a campaign in the second week of October in Golestan national park. 
These days I am just training to get ready and fit soon again. Luckily I am in a goo dshape. My only concern is to have a pair of tire which I cant find here in Iran and I need someone to send me from Europe.