I left KL on Sunday about 13pm finally I boxed my bags and loaded my bicycle, jumped on it and just I saw myself turning pedals on the road.

So great to be on the road again, feeling the fresh air and wind.

As always is difficult getting out from the big towns, I saw it is better to take the highway due to it was very easy to find and get it in and I did. I was so happy for ridding but after 30km my knee began to pain again. It should be for not having cycling for long time and after a short period of time it will become ok.

I headed to Melaka which is a port on the west of Malaysia and also an old town. There was about 140km and I made it for 2 days.

The first day I cycled about 78km and just around evening I found a parking with a shelter and water….thats all I was looking for. I set up my tent, took a shower on the pipe near by tent and nothing more to do. Just some hand writing and reading and a small dinner and I slept about 9pm. Just there was rain almost all the day, I began cycling again with rain.

I woke up very early in the morning, almost one hour before sun did, I had my breakfast and sat out of the tent waiting to rain stop. All the night was raining and still it was raining. I was not in hurry, just about 60km to Melaka and one complete day. So just I made a coffee for myself began to read a book. Thats nice life, no hurry, no pressure, no stress, there is no one waiting for me over there, so just relax and make everything easy.

Finally I started cycling about 9am. My legs felt tired from the last day, it is understandable due to not having much exercise after more than 2 months, they need to get used to cycle.

I arrived to Melaka about 2pm and I went directly to ferry terminal to find out how I can go to Indonesia and after that I looked for a place to stay.

I found the place, it is very nice and it has very friendly atmosphere, just the lady who is working here is a little bit strange. Now she is making too much sound for cleaning and ohhhhh it is going to be out of toleration.( just I want to finish this article and go out to get ride from this load maker

from yesterday I walked the old streets in Melaka several times, just go and back. It is nice to visit, but one day is fine for me and I prefer to leave here for Dumai in Indonesia tomorrow.

11 Dec 2007


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Released at October 6

I had 10 days of cycling in Iran, going up and down through many hills and mountains which was quite hard in my first days of cycling.
Finally I made it on the righ ttime to be in Golestan national park where I am going to run a campaign to clean up the park from trash. I have invited people from all over the country to come and join to clean it up. 
The campaign will start tomorrow morning and will continue 6 days till October 12. 
Afterward I will keep cycling north....