West coast ....third day

West coast ....third day

In the morning I left there about 8:30 for Pancake rocks. After about 12km I arrived to Ponakiki where the Pancake rocks are located. It was amazing but it was rainy and my camera stopped working. I lost the chance to take some pictures.

I had more 80km to Hokitika where I was supposed to go to stay overnight with Bruce who is friend of Bob.

Heavy rain and just rain. I was so tired of rain. I was completely soaked. After awhile I found that rain is following me and just I am moving with rain. I dropped by a small shop to have a coffee and something to eat to get warm. Rain passed and it was ok. I began to ride again but very soon I arrived to the rain again. I slowed down and even I was cycling by 5km/h to avoid of touching the rain. I could see that the rain is 400m ahead and behind is dry. For about 30min just I was following the rain. I was so slow and it was boring but I had no more choice. If I was cycling faster then I would be in the middle of the rain. Finally I decide to cross the rain. I knew that it is about 10km rain and if I push myself for about 10-15km I will pass over the rain and after that it would be dry. It was very hard to enter the rain again but I did and for 12km I cycled very fast and finally I passed over the clouds and rain.it was very hard and just I was telling myself that hey Mohammad you are much more stronger than the rain, just go just go and just I was making myself some courage to do that hard job and it worked out very well. Behind was rain and ahead was dry. Still more 40km ahead. I was worry about my camera and the other stuff which were wet, I had to dry them as soon as possible. So I had to reach to the town faster and it was a reason to cycle faster. About 10km before the town again the rain began and again I got soaked. But I was counting the kms..just 10, just 9…just 5 and finally I saw the sign of Hokitika. It was wonderful moment and exactly in that time rain stopped and the city showed off with a double rainbow and a very nice sunset. I was tired and wet but very happy to finish that hard work. The sunset and rainbow was a prize for me and for that hard work. After few minutes I was in front of Bruce house waiting for a warm shower….having the warm shower after that day…woooow so nice it was

25 May 2008

ساحل غربي ... روز سوم

حدود ساعت 8.30 صبح اونجا رو به سمت صخره هاي پنكيك ترك كردم. تقريبا بعد از 12 كيلومتر وارد پوناكي كي شدم جايي كه صخره هاي پنكيك واقع شده اند. شگفت انگيزبود ولي چون بارون مي باريد دوربينم از كار افتاد و من فرصت گرفتن چند تا عكس رو از دست دادم.

80 كيلومتر ديگه تا هوكي تيكا مونده بود قرار بود شب رو اونجا پيش بروس كه دوست بابه بگذرونم.

بارون٬ بارون٬ فقط بارون شديد. از اين همه بارون خسته شده بودم. كاملا خيس شده بودم. بعد از مدتي متوجه شدم بارون منو تعقيب مي كنه و منم دارم همراهش مي رم. كنارمغازه كوچكي ايستادم تا هم چيزي براي خوردن تهيه كنم وهم قهوه اي بخورم و گرم شم. بارون هم بند اومد و هوا خوب و همه چيزمرتب شد. دوباره شروع كردم به ركاب زدن اما بازهم خيلي زود به بارون خوردم. سرعتم رو كم كردم وحتي به 5 كيلومتر در ساعت رسيدم تا به بارون نرسم مي تونستم ببينم 400 متر جلوتر بارون مي باره و پشت سرش خشكه.  نزديك نيم ساعت بود كه دنبال بارون مي رفتم. سرعتم خيلي پايين بود و حوصله ام سر رفته بود ولي چاره ديگه اي نداشتم. اگه سريعتر مي رفتم اونوقت در قلب بارش قرار مي گرفتم. بالاخره تصميم گرفتم ازش رد شم. مي دونستم كه طولش حدود 10 كيلومتره و اگه 15-10 كيلومتر به خودم فشار بيارم ازش عبور مي كنم و بعدش خشك خواهد بود. خيلي سخت بود كه دوباره واردهواي باروني شم ولي من اين كار رو كردم و نزديك 12 كيلومتر خيلي تند ركاب زدم و بالاخره از ابرها و بارون بيرون اومدم. خيلي سخت بود و من فقط به خودم مي گفتم هي محمد توخيلي قوي ترازبارون هستي٬ فقط برو فقط برومن داشتم به خودم حس شجاعت رو تلقين مي كردم تا از پس اون كار سخت بر بيام و خيلي خوب هم جواب داد. پشت سرخيس و رو به رو خشك بود. هنوز 40 كيلومترديگه مونده بود. من نگران دوربين و بقيه وسايلي كه خيس شده بودند بودم٬ بايد هر چه سريعتر خشكشون مي كردم. بنابراين بايد سريعتر به شهر مي رسيدم و اين انگيزه اي بود براي سريعتر ركاب زدن.

حدود 10 كيلومتر مونده به شهردوباره بارون گرفت و من بازهم خيس خيس شدم. اما كيلومترها رو مي شمردم ... فقط 10 تا٬ فقط 9 تا ... فقط 5 تا و بالاخره تابلوي هوكي تيكا رو ديدم. لحظه  فوق العاده اي بود و درست درهمون زمان بارون هم بند اومد و شهر به همراه يك رنگين كمان دو تايي و يك غروب خيلي زيبا نمايان شدند. من خيس و خسته ولي به خاطر انجام دادن اين كارسخت خيلي خوشحال بودم . غروب و رنگين كمان جايزه اي براي من براي اون كارسخت بودند. بعد از چند دقيقه جلوي خونه بروس منتظر يك حمام گرم بودم ... دوش آب گرم بعد از پشت سر گذاشتن اون روز... وووووووه ه خيلي عالي بود.


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Released at September 13
After I left Tehran, I travelled for a 9 days with my 14 years old nephew in Iran. Now I am back and getting ready tostart cycling in 2 weeks. I am also organizing a campaign in the second week of October in Golestan national park. 
These days I am just training to get ready and fit soon again. Luckily I am in a goo dshape. My only concern is to have a pair of tire which I cant find here in Iran and I need someone to send me from Europe.