Hokitika and meeting Bruce and his lovely family

Hokitika and meeting Bruce and his lovely family

After having a hard and rainy day I arrived to the house of Bruce about sunset. I ringed the bell and after a short time door was opened and we were introducing ourselves, shaking a hand..Mohammad, Bruce, Angela, Tessa ..nice to meet you, nice to meet you too. But the only thing in my mind was shower and warmth." How was the day? Angela asked me and the only answer was very hard and rainy, I need a shower. Can I do it now? And before I bring my stuff inside the room I jumped to the bathroom to stay under hot water and enjoy of having a roof against the rain.

I came out fresh and happy and then was the time to chat and having dinner with one another lovely family.

Bruce in a teacher in high school and Tessa also is a student and both were in schools holiday enjoying free time. We had something to talk while we had dinner and after that just I need some rest, so I went for bed very soon.

In the following morning I asked Bruce to stay there one more night due to all my stuff were wet and I was so tired and he kindly accepted that. I was working most of the day on my laptop to finish my diaries for my website and in the afternoon I spent sometime on the internet. In south island I am just cycling and no more time to spend on the internet and I can not write my stories in 2 languages and just I am doing in English and all my Persian reports have been postponed.

The second day after dinner they learnt me a game and we played a game and after that I began to pack again. It is about 2 weeks that almost everyday I pack my bags. In the morning after breakfast I was going to leave, but the weather was not stable and some rain we had. It is so hard after having a warm place cycling just under rain but I had to leave. Fortunately just when I was leaving the rain stopped and the station was broad casting that the weather is going to be more stable and sunny, such a nice news. I left there for a shop to buy some supply and on the way I found a nursery shop which had a young apple tree. I thought that I would be very happy if I can bring it Tessa and just I made that. I bought that sapling for Tessa and I came back again to Bruses house.

I ringed the bell and Angela came out. She looked at me surprisingly and then Bruce and Tessa. I told them that I was so happy enjoying the weather and just I would like to share my joy with Tessa, so I bring her an apple tree to plant for her. We were all happy when I was leaving, I was skirting the edge of street and for the last time I looked back and happily I saw their hand shaking on the sky. I did the same and with a heart full of joy I left Hokitika with so many nice memories with a lovely family.

30 May 2008

هوكي تيكا و ديدار با بروس و خانواده دوست داشتني اش                                      

بعد ازيك روز سخت و باروني ٬ نزديك غروب وارد خونه بروس شدم. زنگ زدم و بعد ازمدت كوتاهي دربازشد و ما به همديگه معرفي شديم٬ دست داديم ... محمد٬ بروس٬ آنجلا٬ تسا[i][i][1] ... از ديدارتون خوشحالم٬ من هم از ديدنتون خوشحالم.

اما تنها چيز در ذهن من حمام و گرما بود. روزتون چطور بود؟ آنجلا ازم پرسيد و تنها جوابي كه دادم اين بود خيلي سخت و باروني٬ من به حمام احتياج دارم. مي تونم الان برم؟ و قبل از اينكه وسايلم رو داخل اتاق بيارم پريدم تو حموم تا زير آب داغ بمونم و از داشتن سقفي بالاي سرم در برابر بارون لذت ببرم.

شاداب و خوشحال از حموم بيرون اومدم و بعد وقت گپ زدن و شام خوردن با يك خانوده دوست داشتني ديگه بود.

بروس معلم دبيرستانه و تسا هم دانش آموزه و هر دو در تعطيلات مدرسه بودند و از زمان آزادشون لذت مي بردند. وقتي شام مي خورديم با هم صحبت كرديم و بعد من به استراحت احتياج داشتم بنابراين خيلي زود به رختخواب رفتم. صبح روز بعد از بروس خواستم تا يك شب ديگه اونجا بمونم چون تمام وسايلم خيس بودند و خودم هم خيلي خسته بودم و او با مهربوني پذيرفت. بيشتر روز رو با لپ تاپم كار كردم تا خاطراتم رو براي سايت بنويسم و بعدازظهرمقداري وقت براي گشتن در اينترنت گذروندم. در جزيره جنوبي من فقط دارم ركاب مي زنم و وقتي براي گذروندن در اينترنت ندارم و نمي تونم قصه هام رو به دو زبون بنويسم و فقط انگليسي مي نويسم و تمام گزارش هاي فارسيم به تعويق افتاده اند.

روز دوم بعد از شام اونها به من يك بازي ياد دادند و ما با هم بازي كرديم و بعد از اون دوباره شروع كردم به بسته بندي. حدود دو هفته است كه تقريبا هر روز دارم كيف هام رو مي بندم. صبح بعد از صبحانه مي خواستم راه بيافتم ولي هوا متغير بود و گاهي بارون داشتيم. خيلي سخته بعد از اينكه جاي گرمي بوده اي زير بارون ركاب بزني ولي من بايد مي رفتم.

خوشبختانه همون موقع كه من راه افتادم بارون بند اومد و راديو اعلام كرد كه هوا ثابت و آفتابي خواهد شد٬ چه خبر خوبي.

اونجا رو به سمت يك فروشگاه ترك كردم تا مقداري آذوقه تهيه كنم و سر راه يك گلخانه ديدم كه يك درخت سيب جوان داشت. فكر كردم كه چقدر خوشحال مي شم اگه اون رو براي تسا ببرم و همين كار رو كردم. اون نهال رو براي تسا خريدم و دوباره به خونه بروس برگشتم.

زنگ زدم و آنجلا بيرون اومد. او٬ بروس و تسا با تعجب به من نگاه كردند. به اونها گفتم كه من خيلي خوشحال بودم و از هوا لذت مي بردم و دوست دارم اين شاديم رو با تسا تقسيم كنم٬ به همين دليل براش يك درخت سيب آوردم تا بكارم. وقتي من اونجا رو ترك مي كردم همگي خوشحال بوديم٬ داشتم كناره خيابون رو دور مي زدم و براي آخرين بار برگشتم وبا خوشحالي دست هاي اونها رو ديدم كه در هوا تكان مي خورد. من هم همون كار رو كردم وبا قلبي پرازشادي و يك عالمه خاطره خوب با خانواده اي دوست داشتني هوكي تيكا رو ترك كردم.    



Latest News

Released at August 2
4 days ag, I was going to come to Mashhad from Tehran by car. in a very shoort moment, someone broke into my car and stole my duffle bag which was filled with all my equipments. The hardest part was losing my passport, ID car, Swiss simcard, Banc card, and 2 hard drives full of picturesa nd videos from my journey, also tent, mattress, sleeping bag, 3 pair of shoes.....ooops!! ) 
It wasnt fun at all but not much I can do now and I have to restart again from the very beginning to collect those equipments again and get my documents which doesnt have a funny procedur. 
Anyway....life is going forward and I should follow it. 
I will be back on the road soon.....just need to get prepared again.
These days I am training harder and palanning my journey. I am going to go back to the road in a month.