Planting tree in Iranian school in Melbourne

Planting tree in Iranian school in Melbourne

There is an Iranian cultural school in Melbourne and they try to teach kids how to speak Farsi( Persian) which is their mother language. They born in Australia and they are grown in Australia as well, so their first language is English as they are studying here so it is very important for their parents to teach them how to speak their own language. As there is a big community of Iranian living in Melbourne they have one they a week to teach the kids Farsi which is every Saturday.

I met Mr.Afkari in Iranian Society of Victoria meeting last week and he kindly invited me to go to their school and plant a tree with Iranian kids.

It was so lovely spending time with all those lovely kids and I really enjoyed. We planted a tree in front of school and we called it Iran to respect our mothers land.

After we planted our tree then I showed them some pictured from different countries which I have traveled through and there was a hip of questions from the kids. Like always kids had nice questions and for sure there is some funny questions as well.

Very much thanks to Mr Afkari who is the principal and Mr Ali Kouklan who helped me to hold this class and the kids parents who supported me to continue my journey.

I wish the tree grows in the kids mind and their heart as Iran will grow in their hearts.

22 July 2008


کاشتن درخت در مدرسه ی ایرانی در ملبورن

یک مدرسه ی ایرانی فرهنگ فارسی در ملبورن وجود دارد .و در آنجا کودکان تلاش می کنند تا شیوه ی صحبت کردن به فارسی،به عبارتی دیگر زبان مادریشان را یاد بگیرند.آنها در استرالیا متولد شده اند و در آنجا رشد یافته اند و زبان اولشان انگلیسی است.اما آنچه که برای والدین اهمیت بیشتری دارد آموزش صحبت کردن به زبان اصلی-مادری است.و با توجه به اینکه جامعه ی ایرانیان ساکن ملبورن گسترده است ، لذا یک روز در هفته یعنی هر شنبه به کودکان فارسی تدریس می شود.

هفته ی گذشته در انجمن ایرانیان ویکتوریا با آقای افکاری آشنا شدم .او با مهربانی از من دعوت کرد به مدرسه شان بروم و به همراه کودکان ایرانی درخت بکاریم.لحظات بسیار خوب و دوست داشتنی را با کودکان ایرانی سپری کردم. ما درمقابل مدرسه درختی کاشتیم و به پاس سرزمین مادریمان نام آن را "ایران" نامیدیم.

پس از اینکه درختمان را کاشتیم ،عکس هایی از سفر م به آنها نشان دادم و با کوهی از سوالات بچه ها مواجه شدم . سوالات کودکان همواره زیباست و البته تا حدودی نیز بامزه !

از آقای افکاری ،مدیر آنجا و آقای علی کوکلان که در برگزاری کلاس کمکم کردند و والدین کودکان که برای ادامه ی سفرم مرا حمایت کردند بسیار سپاس گزارم.امیدوارم درخت در فکر و قلب بچه ها رشد کند، همانطور که ایران در قلب هایشان ریشه می یابد. 


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Released at August 2
4 days ag, I was going to come to Mashhad from Tehran by car. in a very shoort moment, someone broke into my car and stole my duffle bag which was filled with all my equipments. The hardest part was losing my passport, ID car, Swiss simcard, Banc card, and 2 hard drives full of picturesa nd videos from my journey, also tent, mattress, sleeping bag, 3 pair of shoes.....ooops!! ) 
It wasnt fun at all but not much I can do now and I have to restart again from the very beginning to collect those equipments again and get my documents which doesnt have a funny procedur. is going forward and I should follow it.