After Nonjing and decission to return home

(I had just 2 more days left on my visa validity and I had to be in Nanjing on Friday before my visa gets I cycled 305km in a day before Nanjing till 5:30 in the next morning on Friday. So I could go to the immigration office to fix it) but cycling that much in one day needed some mentally power especially in that cold, windy and rainy day. I just could think of strong people I knew to keep going and stay strong.
since a week before that I had 2 times a dream that I left my bike and stuff somewhere and I went Iran…it was not the right time as I use to visit the family every September and it was just late January. So I didn’t care of that dream even I would like to ignore it...I didn’t go back home so soon like that.
I went to the immigration office and the answer for visa extension was NO!! After 2 days I found the best way is going to Shanghai to the Iranian consulate they might be able to do something.
In Monday which was my last day of visa I went to Shanghai. I was going to go there and come back in the same day but just before I left I thoughts it can be a good idea to stay there for 2-3 days and visit it, then I don’t need to go there again and I can cycle directly to Beijing. So I asked Daniel to borrow a bag pack. I picked just my laptop, camera and some cloths and left there for Shanghai. (My money also was almost finished).
I went to Iran consulate and they provided me a very nice letter and I took it along my supporting letter from Red Cross (my journey has under support of Red Cross since November 2007...ofcorse not financially and just officially! Which s also so good).
Also I could find a place to stay with a French guy via CS (couch surfing) but I had the same answer. They told me I can’t extend my what to do? I had Korean visa and easily I could go there to get another visa for China but how? To go S.Korea I needed 100$ and I had nothing.
The hardest days began…after 2 days I moved to another place also from CS. A wonderful and great person from Switzerland. Eve who is working for Swiss embassy is such a special person you should meet her to know what I am saying.
I was stuck there…nowhere to go. Even I couldn’t come back to Nanjing because I had no money for the train ticket. My visa expired and ….75$ a day for penalty!!!
I was trying to do something via Red Cross but nothing...and I was just trapped there. Again that dream. .”My bike was left somewhere and I was home…”what I really didn’t want even to think about it.
I was like stray ghost and totally down. It was almost one week in Shanghai and doing nothing.
Eve asked me what I am going to do and I had no answer…it was ok with her I was in her place but I was not feeling good and I was embarrassed for that. I had no idea why I have to go back home and didn’t care about it….my next destination was Korea, so why I can’t go there? There should be something...there should be a reason and it was all I was thinking about. Also Iranian console was worried about me and he was asking us what I want to do?
finally after a week on the Monday morning I told myself “ ok Mohammad…today you will leave Eve house, if you receive 100$ today means you should go Korea and if not means you have to go back Iran” ( for Korea I needed 100 and for Iran I needed 1200!!!).
I told Eve that I will leave next morning and we had breakfast together and said goodbye to her and she left house before me. Just before her leaving she left a red envelope for me in my room. When she left I ran for the envelope and I saw a very nice letter and 60$!! Which was a shock for me “ohm no please…why did you give me this money? It means I have to go back Iran!!”
My next destination was Iran…I needed 1200$ and had 60$. It was so hard to leave the house where you have comfort and you are safe for legs were so heavy to leave it but no choice …I left it and I put the key in letter box and start walking in the city with no destination hoping to receive something from the sky, but it didn’t drop.
Noon...Afternoon…Evening and still walking like the stray ghost. Now it was dark. What to do then?
I couldn’t come back to her place...I was feeling embarrassed. I went to hotel but none of them gave me room as my visa was expired and I was illegal there.
It was 9pm and rain starts…tired and upset walking. I was thinking to spend the whole night somewhere under a shelter but Shanghai has got more than a million hidden cameras and easily police can catch you and then nig problem.
I just could call some friends from HC or CS but they all were outside and I couldn’t find any. I sent Eve few times text and no answer...I called her but still no answer. So I called the consulate and told him about my situation.  
he asked one of the staff to come with me to rent a room in a hotel with is passport and for sure I had money to pay for that, just the consulate who became very worried about me asked me to go there on the next morning to find out what to do.
in the morning around 8am Eve called me asking about my situation and where I am what I am doing and what I have done last night …( she had left her hp in her office so she couldn’t answer it!!) then after I told her she asked me to go there to get the key and go home. Thanks her for all her supports.
I went to the consulate and meet the consul...he asked me what I am going to do. “I should go back to Iran” – “do you have money to buy ticket?” –“No” –“so how? Do you have someone you can ask for money?” –“yes I have many but I don’t want ask anyone. I never ask anyone for support. If it is my way it should happen itself!” and for sure it was too strange for him what I was talking about…the same time there was an Iranian business man came over for making some donation for some religious upcoming event. We talked but I didn’t told him about my situation but I told him I feel a bit worry about my mother and I want to go back home to visit her.
Finally I told consulate that I wait …just I wait and I left there. On the next day he called me and told me there is someone who wants to lend me that money and I can pay back when I am at home.
After 2 days I had ticket in my hands...but still my visa was a big problem ahead.
my flight was for the next 5 days and till then I would have 14 days overstaying which is almost 7000 RMB ( almost 900$ ) for penalty.
The consulate was trying to fix it with police but they couldn’t and just the day of my flights they called me to go to Police station...they was so strict and no chance, than consul called me and told me I can go there in the afternoon before I fly to borrow some more money for penalty.
I went there but I didn’t accept any money! He told me” what you want to do in airport when they stop you?” –“this is right way and if I am on the right way no need to be worry...everything would be alright” actually I had this dream that I could pass the immigration check without any problem. So I went to the airport with just 100RMB. I was in the queue and it was my turn...I gave them my passport…he saw it and with no question he stamped it…I was free out of the gate. Just like this.

از يك هفته پيش 2 مرتبه خواب ديدم كه دوچرخه و وسايلم رو جايي رها كردم و به سمت ايران رفتم ... در حالي كه من هر سپتامبر به ديدار خانواده ام مي رم و حالا اواخر ژانويه بود. بنابراين به خوابم توجهي نكردم و در واقع مي خواستم بي اعتنا باشم... هيچ وقت به اين زودي برنگشته بودم خونه. رفتم به اداره مهاجرت و جواب اونها به درخواست تمديد ويزا اين بود: نه !! بعد از 2 روز فهميدم كه بهترين راه اينه كه برم شانگهاي‏، كنسولگري ايران شايد اونها بتونند كاري بكنند. دوشنبه كه آخرين روز ويزام بود رفتم شانگهاي. برنامه ام اين بود كه همون روز برم و برگردم اما قبل از حركت فكر كردم خوبه 3-2 روز اونجا بمونم و شهر رو ببينم، و اين طوري ديگه لازم نيست دوباره برگردم و مي تونم مستقيما به سمت بيجينگ ركاب بزنم. از دنيل خواستم تا بهم كيف قرض بده و فقط يك مقدار لباس، دوربين و لپ تاپم رو برداشتم و اونجا رو به سمت شانگهاي ترك كردم. (پولم تقريبا تموم شده بود) رفتم كنسولگري ايران و اونها برام يك درخواست عالي تهيه كردند و من اون رو به اضافه نامه تاييديه صليب سرخ همراهم برداشتم ( سفر من از نوامبر 2007 تحت حمايت صليب سرخ است. البته نه مالي بلكه به صورت اداري و رسمي كه باز هم خيلي خوبه ). من تونستم جايي براي موندن پيدا كنم كه يك فرانسوي هم اونجا بود اما همون جواب رو گرفتم. بهم گفتند كه نمي تونم ويزا رو تمديد كنم... حالا چي كار كنم؟ من ويزاي كره رو داشتم و مي تونستم راحت برم اونجا تا دوباره ويزاي چين رو بگيرم اما چطوري؟ براي رفتن به كره جنوبي 100 دلار پول مي خواستم و هيچي نداشتم. سخت ترين روزها شروع شدند ... بعد از 2 روز از طريق CS رفتم يه جاي ديگه .پيش يك فرد فوق العاده و عالي از سوئيس. ايو،كه در سفارت سوئيس كار مي كرد و خودتون بايد ببينين چقدر نازنينه تا متوجه بشين من چي ميگم. من اونجا گير افتاده بودم... هيچ جايي براي رفتن نداشتم.حتي نمي تونستم به نانجينگ برگردم چون پول بليط قطارش رو نداشتم!!! ويزام منقضي شده بود و ... براي هر روز 75 دلار جريمه مي شدم. داشتم سعي مي كردم از طريق صليب سرخ يه كاري بكنم اما نمي شد... اونجا حبس شده بودم. دوباره همون خواب. « دوچرخه ام يه گوشه اي رها شده بود و من خونه بودم...» چيزي كه حتي نمي خواستم بهش فكر كنم. مثل يك روح سرگردان بودم،كاملا غمگين. يك هفته بود در شانگهاي بودم و هيچ كاري نمي كردم. ايو ازم پرسيد مي خوام چي كار كنم و من هيچ جوابي نداشتم... از نظر ايو مشكلي نداشت كه من پيشش باشم اما من احساس خوبي نداشتم و شرمگين بودم. هيچ نظري نسبت به اينكه چرا بايد به اين زودي برگردم خونه نداشتم و بهش توجه نمي كردم... مقصد بعديم كره بود، بنابراين چرا نمي تونستم برم اونجا؟ بايد يه چيزي باشه... بايد يه چيزي باشه اين تنها چيزي بود كه بهش فكر مي كردم. در ضمن كنسول ايران نگران من بود و از ما مي پرسيد كه من مي خوام چي كار بكنم؟ بالاخره بعد از يك هفته صبح روز دوشنبه به خودم گفتم « خوب محمد ... امروز خونه ايو رو ترك مي كني، اگر امروز 100 دلار به دستت رسيد معنيش اينه كه بايد بري كره و گرنه معنيش اينه كه بايد برگردي ايران» ( براي كره 100 و براي ايران 1200 دلار پول لازم داشتم!!! ) به ايو گفتم صبح روز بعد مي رم و با هم صبحانه خورديم و ازش خداحافظي كردم و او زودتر از من خونه رو ترك كرد. قبل از رفتنش يك پاكت قرمز برام گذاشت. وقتي رفت دويدم تا پاكت رو بردارم و ديدم توش يك نامه بسيار زيبا و 60 دلار پول هست!! كه براي من شوك به حساب ميومد « اوه نه خواهش مي كنم... چرا اين پول رو به من دادي؟ معنيش اينه كه بايد برگردم ايران » مقصد بعديم ايران بود ... 1200 دلار لازم داشتم و 60 دلار تو جيبم بود.خيلي سخته خونه اي كه توش آرامش و امنيت داري رو به مقصد هيچ كجا ترك كني...پاهام آماده رفتن نبودند اما هيچ چاره اي نبود... اونجا رو ترك كردم و كليد رو توي صندوق نامه گذاشتم و شروع كردم به قدم زدن توي شهر بدون هيچ مقصدي و اميدوار بودم چيزي از آسمون برام برسه اما هيچي فرو نيومد. ظهر... بعد از ظهر... عصر و هنوز مثل روح سرگردان راه مي رفتم.ديگه تاريك شده بود. حالا بايد چي كار كنم؟ نمي تونستم برگردم خونه اش... خجالت مي كشيدم.رفتم هتل اما هيچ كدوم به من اتاق نمي دادند چون ويزام تموم شده بود و غير قانوني اونجا بودم. 9 شب بود و بارون گرفت... خسته و غمگين راه مي رفتم.داشتم فكر مي كردم شب رو جايي زير يك سرپناه بمونم اما شانگهاي يك ميليون دوربين مخفي داره و پليس به راحتي مي تونه شما رو پيدا كنه و مشكلات بعدي... فقط تونستم به بعضي از دوستانم در HC يا CS تلفن بزنم اما همگي بيرون بودند و حتي يكيشون رو هم پيدا نكردم. به ايو پيغام فرستادم اما جوابي نيومد... بهش زنگ زدم اما باز هم جوابي نگرفتم. براي همين به كنسول زنگ زدم و در مورد وضعيتم با ايشون صحبت كردم. او از يكي از كارمندان خواست تا با من بياد و با پاسپورت خودش برام اتاقي در يك هتل بگيره مطمئنا من پول اتاق رو داشتم، فقط كنسول خيلي براي من نگران شده بود و ازم تا خواست تا فردا صبح برم اونجا تا ببينيم چه كار بايد كرد. حدود ساعت 8 صبح ايو باهام تماس گرفت تا ببينه كجام، چي كار مي كنم، اوضاعم چطوره و شب قبل رو چطور گذروندم... ( لپ تاپش رو گذاشته بود شركتش و به همين دليل جواب نمي داد!! ) بعد از اينكه بهش گفتم، ازم خواست برم اونجا تا كليد رو ازش بگيرم و برم خونه. به خاطر تمام حمايت هاش ازش متشكرم. رفتم كنسولگري و كنسول رو ديدم... ازم پرسيد مي خوام چي كار كنم. « بايد برگردم ايران »- « پول خريد بليط رو داري؟ »- « نه »-« كسي رو داري كه ازش پول بگيري؟» - « بله، خيلي ها رو دارم اما نمي خوام از هيچ كدومشون پول بگيرم. هيچ وقت از كسي نخواستم حمايتم كنه.اگر اين راه منه،بايد خودش درست بشه!» و مطمئنا حرفم خيلي براي او عجيب بود... همين موقع يك بازرگان ايراني اومد تا براي برنامه مذهبيي كه قرار بود اجرا بشه مقداري پول هديه بده. ما با هم صحبت كرديم ولي من در مورد وضعيتم چيزي بهش نگفتم فقط گفتم كمي نگران مادرم هستم و مي خوام برگردم ايران تا ببينمش. بلاخره به كنسول گفتم كه من صبر مي كنم... فقط صبر مي كنم و از اونجا رفتم. روز بعد كنسول با من تماس گرفت و گفت كسي هست كه مي خواد اين پول رو به من قرض بده و من مي تونم هر وقت كه برگشتم خونه قرضش رو برگردونم. بعد از 2 روز بليط توي دستانم بود... اما هنوز يك مشكل بزرگ پيش روم بود: ويزام. پروازم 5 روز ديگه بود و تا اون موقع 14 روز بود كه اضافه مونده بودم كه تقريبا مي شد 7000 RMB به عنوان جريمه ( حدود 900 دلار ) . كنسولگري سعي مي كرد مسئله رو با پليس هماهنگ كنه اما نتونستند و روز پرواز به من گفتند كه بايد برم اداره پليس... اونها خيلي جدي بودند و هيچ راهي نبود، بعد كنسول زنگ زد و به من گفت بعد از ظهر قبل از پرواز مي تونم برم اونجا تا براي جريمه پول قرض بگيرم. رفتم اونجا اما هيچ پولي قبول نكردم! او به من گفت وقتي توي فرودگاه نگهت مي دارند ميخواي چي كار كني؟»-« اين راه درسته و وقتي من دارم راه درست رو مي رم احتياجي به نگراني نيست ... همه چيز درست مي شه » در واقع فكر مي كردم كه بدون هيچ مشكلي از بخش كنترل مهاجرت رد مي شم.بنابراين تنها با 100 RMB رفتم به فرودگاه. توي صف بودم و نوبتم رسيد... پاسپورتم رو دادم بهشون... نگاهش كرد و بدون هيچ سوالي مهر زد... از گيت رد شدم و ديگه آزاد بودم. به همين راحتي. حالا دوچرخه و تمام وسايلم در ناننجينگ پيش دنيل هستند. من برخواهم گشت تا برشون دارم، وقتي وظيفه ام ايتجا، در ايران تموم شد.


Latest News

Released at August 2
4 days ag, I was going to come to Mashhad from Tehran by car. in a very shoort moment, someone broke into my car and stole my duffle bag which was filled with all my equipments. The hardest part was losing my passport, ID car, Swiss simcard, Banc card, and 2 hard drives full of picturesa nd videos from my journey, also tent, mattress, sleeping bag, 3 pair of shoes.....ooops!! ) 
It wasnt fun at all but not much I can do now and I have to restart again from the very beginning to collect those equipments again and get my documents which doesnt have a funny procedur. is going forward and I should follow it. 
I will be back on the road soon.....just need to get prepared again.
These days I am training harder and palanning my journey. I am going to go back to the road in a month.