Planting tree in Marmara university for Jasminka


When I came to Istanbul I was trying to find some people through warmshower to talk, chat, organizing tree planting and sharing our cycling experiences.
I send some emails and I got 2 positive replies from two cyclists.
Abdullah Pekel who is teaching in Marmara university of Istanbul was one of them, but the university was close for a week.


 after a week he returned  from his holidays and then he organized a work shop in his class with his students.
I have been doing this job just in schools with small kids aged 8-10 years and now I had a chance to do it with young ones which was great. We had a lovely time there and at last we planted 2 trees in the yard.
I asked them kindly to present one of those trees to my dear friend Jasminka who I met in a train in Austria for just 10 min. that 10 min was enough to make a deep relationship and after a couple of emails she asked me to plant a tree for her and now I had a chance to plant a tree for her. Students were holding a paper written Jasminka on it which could makes Jasminka glad to see the pictures.


It was amazing how such a very small action could raise a beautiful joy and create a wonderful feeling to a human being’s heart. No matter where she is and who is she? She is a human being who could make a friendship so easy with her open heart. So let do it! Lets makes her happy.
I was so happy too to be able doing that and also making some new friends in university. Life is like this going this way…I am grateful.



Thanks to all students and Abdullah for your help and we keep a big hope for the future to plant thousands of trees and build up a world with more peace.

9 February 2013


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Released at August 2
4 days ag, I was going to come to Mashhad from Tehran by car. in a very shoort moment, someone broke into my car and stole my duffle bag which was filled with all my equipments. The hardest part was losing my passport, ID car, Swiss simcard, Banc card, and 2 hard drives full of picturesa nd videos from my journey, also tent, mattress, sleeping bag, 3 pair of shoes.....ooops!! ) 
It wasnt fun at all but not much I can do now and I have to restart again from the very beginning to collect those equipments again and get my documents which doesnt have a funny procedur. is going forward and I should follow it.