Paris to Brussels and back to Paris


When I arrived to Paris, I was kind of disappointed as all my friends where away. I was so happy to meet them but no one was there actually. It was quite difficult as also I didn’t have a place in Paris. Staying in hotel is not fun at all for me even though it is a 5 stars hotel. It is totally against my personal journey which is going through people and their lives. Always I have been asked from people everywhere, if I miss home or not? My answer was so clear with no need of thinking which is NO!! It was also a question for me too that what is the reason I don’t miss home? I was thinking it might be because I love traveling. ! that’s for sure but the main reason is I have home everywhere, I always live with people who I love, who I care and they do the same.
The second night I moved to stay with Segolene who I met 2 years ago in Baku. It was wonderful to meet her after 2 years and share some little time with her and her boyfriend. They are lovely and so nice people.
They live in a little tiny flat and also because of Easter holidays they were going to visit their parents, so I had no choice but staying in hotel. Next day I moved to hotel again, somewhere in a very multi culture neighborhood with lots of Arabs, Indians and Africans, Where I could smell streets, food, spices and cultures. I was not in Europe at all and there was a big mess everywhere like middle east and Asia.  I loved it very much as also I love sometimes to walk through Channes elysse street with all those fancy shops, expensive brands. I like to experience them both and of course I enjoy them both too.
After my first try for US visa failed I was going to try again, this time in Paris. So I made an appointment and I had to be in Paris by April 10th which was 10 days from that time. It was quite long time to stay somewhere, especially in hotel, even though Niloufar kindly offered the hotel.
I had to decide what to do to have the best time. I had plenty of plans in front of me. Either to go south and take a train back to Paris, go to the North and spend some times there or..finally I decided to cycle to Brussels where I could meet Anne and Julian again. The couple I met also in Georgia 2 years ago in a little guest house called Nazi guest house in a tiny city called Kazbeki.
It was almost 320 km to their town. A tiny pedestrian university city called Louvain La Nouve .
Last night before I leave Paris I was outside till late and when I was back to hotel still I needed to finish some works. I slept so late but I had to wake up quite early to pack and save the time as I had a long day ahead. I decided to cycle there in 2 days which means almost 160km per day. It was ok and I could make it in quite flat roads.
I had another friend who I should meet before I leave. That true which I would come back again but I never count of future. I always think that this is the last moment of my life, so there is no chance to have the next one and I had to appreciate and keep the present moment. I called Eva to fix an appointment to meet her before I leave. We decided to meet at 9am somewhere.
I was there, ready waiting for her but she didn’t come and later I realized which I should have confirmed it and I didn’t, so she was waiting for a text message or an email from me!! Anyway I left Paris toward north. It was a bit cold and I had a very strong head wind, a very strong one.
After a short ride I realize my body is not working at all. I had no power and I was feeling so tired. It seemed that my body is healing a pain. I was pushing myself hard but no way!! It is was not going to work at all  and the very strong head wind was also a cause to make me more tired.
It was cold and I even couldn’t rest somewhere in that wind.
Finally I found a little bush which could protect me from the wind and I lied on the ground under sunlight. I think I slept for almost 2 hours. I was totally knackered.
It was 4 in the afternoon and still I didn’t cycle much. Finally after about 73km I reached to a town. I was quite sure which I cant make it in 2 days to Brussels and also I had just 2 days time to get there as I had to also spend 2 days cycling back to Paris. So I decided to take a train for almost 130km to save the time. Also it is not so nice to cycle a road twice in a cold weather.
I took my ticket and I went out of the city to camp. I really died that night.
I got the train in the morning at 11 and I was almost in the border to Belgium around 1pm and I began to cycle soon after. Again I had a very strong head wind, strong and cold one. There was no need to follow the map!! I just could follow the wind and go through the most heading direction.
It was getting dark and still I was riding my bike. Unfortunately I didn’t have a very detailed and good map for France, so I couldn’t find the way to my friends. Finally I arrived at 9:30pm and I called them. After few min I was there in their house, happy and enjoying meeting them.
the weather was so cold and I had no courage to go out. I needed some rest, some quiet time on my own to do my work and some peace.
for 2 days  I was just at home and didn’t go out at all, Just few min the first day to but some foods. That’s all and the rest I was just staying at home, quiet, peaceful and working. Many thanks to Anne and Julian for their kindness and their invitation, when I really needed it.
Saturday my last day in Belgium and I had to visit something. Also Human was going to come from Netherland to meet us. So I went to Brussels in the morning and I met Human at around 12. We drove to Gent which is an old city in Belgium and it considers as one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium.
I went back to Brussels in the afternoon around 4pm and Human left. Also Julian has told me that they will come to Brussels in the evening to meet, have a drink or something to eat.




Then I had to spend sometimes around the town. It was a bit cold and I couldn’t stay outside for a long time. I needed a warm place which I could spend few hours and the best choice was a café with WiFi.
I spent almost all my afternoon there playing with my phone. Reading emails and writing to friends.
After having a lovely night with Anne and Julian we went back and I went to bed directly. I knew I will have a very long ride the next day but I also knew which I wont have head wind!! Which was a very nice news.  I didn’t pack at night and in the morning I did it relaxing.
I left there quite late at 10:30 and I began to ride. I had 150km to ride that day and I just wad riding all day long. Weather was much better then and also a bit of tail wind helped me a lot.
It was almost evening and I was really tired and hungry. It was getting dark which I just ran to a kebab shop and I bought a Doner with lots of French fries.
I was again searching for a place to camp. There was a little road and some trees at the end. A perfect place for camping, which was enough far from the road to do not have sound of cars at night and also lots of birds to sing. Wonderful…
I was there and I was trying to find he best spot to pitch my tent. I found a place but I walked a bit farther to find a nicer place which I heard someone shooting. It was a bit strange but I didn’t care and I just came back to the first point to camp there. I also was trying to do not bring any attention to people. I kept quiet and I pitched my tent. Again shooting and again…it was a bit scary then.
I didn’t turn my light or making any noise. I kept quiet and I eat my dinner so fast. I was too hungry.
It was too late to move and I had no courage to move too. I just p referred to sleep and keep silent. I even didn’t go out of the tent. I didn’t want them to think I am a pig and try make a BBQ out of me!!
It was so strange and at last I didn’t find out what was shooting. In the morning also I could hear shooting and of course there were not so many birds there to hunt. Anyway I was safe and packed and ready to continue to Paris.
another 160km and again pushing myself hard to make it. I love this feeling and working that hard. It makes me feel so good.
This time I didn’t go to hotel in Paris. Paul and Cyril who I met them in Nepal 6 years ago and we did Annapurna trek together, Also Ali Mohanna, another  friend of mine was back in Paris.
I staid with Cyril the first night and then I moved to stay with Ali.
It was April 10 and I had my appointment in US embassy. I had all my documents ready and I went there in the morning very confident. After my turn came to interview with the consul, h e didn’t let me show my documents and said NO!!! it was not pleasant at all to hear that answer. Anyway I am walking through my personal path and I trust it. I don’t try to change things and I just follow them. It seems that still is not the right time to get my visa. Who knows..let see.
I was honestly pissed off as I paid again almost 180EUR which is very expensive and it was almost all money I had.
anyway after 3-4 hours again I was fine and happy and I just forgot it. I had roads to follow and people to meet, things to do and enjoy the life and nothing can ruin it.
Now I was done in Paris and after more 3 days visiting Paris I left by train to Tours where I began to cycle along Loire valley which was amazingly beautiful.  I was cycling there to meet Myriam who I met 6 years ago in India in Varanasi in a very strange night.  That night many young Indians attacked her and my Brazilian friend Diego and I helped her to get out of there. It was shocking and hard and I was so angry.
anyway she was fine and safe and we were also glad to be there. And now after 6 years I had chance again to meet her and stay with her in a little beautiful village in one of the most beautiful parts of France, in Loire valley.


14 April 2013


Latest News

Released at August 2
4 days ag, I was going to come to Mashhad from Tehran by car. in a very shoort moment, someone broke into my car and stole my duffle bag which was filled with all my equipments. The hardest part was losing my passport, ID car, Swiss simcard, Banc card, and 2 hard drives full of picturesa nd videos from my journey, also tent, mattress, sleeping bag, 3 pair of shoes.....ooops!! ) 
It wasnt fun at all but not much I can do now and I have to restart again from the very beginning to collect those equipments again and get my documents which doesnt have a funny procedur. is going forward and I should follow it. 
I will be back on the road soon.....just need to get prepared again.
These days I am training harder and palanning my journey. I am going to go back to the road in a month.