Goodbye party in Almaty

Goodbye party in Almaty

Today is my last day in Almaty..actually I am just about to leave now and last nigth my friends made a goodbye party here for me. It was so cool and we did enjoy a lot. I am in a big hurry now and I cant write more but I just leave my friends comment down here.

"Tonight I met Mohammed, traveler from Iran, very interesting and funny guy)) Wish him a good luck in his journey! (Mukhametzhan)

I'm very happy to meet all this interesting people tonight, and I hope that we will meet one more time. (Murat)

My friends and I had a chance to meet Mohammed in Almaty. He is a great person spreading peace, joy and he reminds us of the importance of trees in our life. He is living his dream. Wish him all the best and really admire the things he is doing. (Dilyara)

Mohammad is amazing person, everybody who meets him gets a piece of joy he spread all over the World! I really feel the great positive effect of what he is doing for society, I will always remember you, ANGEL!!! thank you for giving me a chance to experience great time I spend with you and I really enjoyed every moment of your stay in Almaty in my place. (Aigerim)

Good luck to you my new friend.. You are certainly a wonderful surprise…….in an amazing way! Wish we had met earlier..but know our paths will cross again. Love your work and bravery and wish you some great memories…and try to forgive us!!!!!!!!?!?!???! (Wanda)

" In one's life, you come across few individuals whose soul light burns deep and sustainably enough to carry across the seas - and across the years. Mohammad is such a soul - I cherish the moments we spent together the past five days and I will forget him not (Jeff from Texas).

7 July 2011


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Released at October 28
After nearly 3 months I am on my back to Iran. last 2 years I didnt travel much because I should spend more time in Iran working on the Association to develop it. this year also I will spend few months in Iran in order to do more work for the Association. Of course is not that easy for me to stay in Iran long time but I have an important job to do though. 
I think I am almost done with Europe and my next leg of journey will be South America in 2018.