Tree plantings

Workshop and tree planting in Beijing


One of the most important things I should have organized before I arrive to Beijing was to find a school for my project.  I didn’t have many contacts here in Beijing and my only Chinese friends was away in holiday, so I wrote to Eve, my Swiss friend who I was going to stay in her apartment.
I knew Eve since I Was in China last time going back to February 2009. In that time also she was hosting me.
I wrote her and asked her for any possible contacts for schools. In the other hand October holidays were just on the corner and I wouldn’t have much time to organize many schools.
after she wrote me back some email addresses and also websites for international, British and some other schools I found a link to a kind of NGO who are.....

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Planting tree in Barcelona


We Need Trees


I met Mohammad on Warm Showers and hosted him for a couple of nights in Barcelona, during which time we talked about travelling, bikes, serendipity, and crazy dreams. He also came to the school where I work – ES International School near Barcelona where a group of highly motivated student-athletes spend their days studying and pursuing their own dreams of becoming great athletes, tennis players and bike racers.
It was a beautiful Friday – the day when we usually have our house meetings at school. Mohammad and I carried a small olive tree on the metro and lost a few
olives on the bus while the sun was rising over the motorway

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Planting tree in Adela Abrines - Madrid


Yesterday, it was a pleasure attending at the tree workshop that Mohammad have made in my daughter’s school, called Adela Abrines, in Madrid, Spain. The destiny has made that our life meet Mohammad’s life. I believe life is a movement about give and receive, but he is making it with a very special art. He has told and question to the kids of five and six years old about the essential roll of the trees for all been alive.
And he has made it as their early level, with concise words, short and clear sentences: nest, apples, and shadow, hug the trees, clean the air, give water to the trees

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Planting tree in Girona


5 years ago on May 2008 I met Marta Maergali from Spain in New Zealand while we were both cycling but in oposite directions.  we were staying both in  haast in a hostel. just an hour of chat at night and saying goodbye next morning was all our friendship experience.
I kept in touch with her through my common emails I send once a while and when I came to Europe she invited me kindly to his house if I pass through her city.
I cycled through Pyrenees and I entered to Spain from North East and directly I cycled to Girona, where Marta is living. 

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Tree Planting at the Pio Baroja Institute of Irún


Lien, Ingrid's daughter, organised a workshop at her school for me. Her english teacher Ana responded positively to her request of letting me have this workshop and tell students about my work as an environmental activist and cycling traveler around the world.
So on thursday the 18th of April Lien, Ingrid and I went to her school, which is the Pio Baroja Institute in Irún. Her teacher was so enthousiast about the project that she was already waiting to receive us at 8.00 in the morning at the entrance of the school.
Students of Lien's age (17 -18 years old) of the artistic and humanistic grade were regrouped for a first workshop,

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Workshop in International school in Geneva


When I was in Geneva at the first time, I just passed by the International school and I left my visit card there at the reception. Honestly I was not expecting a lot to have any response but I received an email after few days from Marcia Banks who is vise principle of primary school. I was already gone but it was kind of motivation for me to go back again to Geneva. after I returned from Turkey, I took my bike and I started cycling toward Geneva and I was there. Marcia kindly invited me to stay with them. they were lovely and I had a wonderful time with them

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Plantingtree in International school in Geneva


I was in Biel. It was the first night which I arrived there and Renate told me they are going to a birthday party that evening. I joined them also to meet more people and know new people as well. It was all fine and we had a lovely chat. I met Alison that night and we discussed a bit about my project while she excitedly giving reaction about weneedtrees. I was quite surprised and happy.
Next day I received an email from Jan who is a teacher in international school in Geneva asking if I am heading there or not, or if I can visit their school? He said which last night I have met someone in a birthday party who sent the email to Jan introducing me!! Very kind of Alison

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Planting tree in OSZ Mett – Bozingen in Biel-Bienne


Last time when I was in Biel-Bienne, Renate introduced me to a friend of her who is teaching in one public school in Biel. I couldn’t stay longer that time also in a short notice she couldn’t organize a time for our workshop. So we planned for Monday 18 of March to return and have our workshop there. From Geneva I took a train to Biel and I left my bike there to come here and visit the school. we started at 9 am with 2 classes and after a short break there was another class which was kind of international one.
Just few students but we had a very nice conversation and at the end of class we planted a tree together. During the lunch time Pia and I went to a restaurant where elderly people live and Renate also joined us. After lunch I had another class in school and again 2 classes merged to have a longer session. a
s they were older a bi

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Planting tree inn Collines school in Siron



Planting tree and workshop in Collines school in Siron

Last time when I was in Aigle, I sent couple of emails to warmshowers to find a possible place to stay. I stayed there just a night and I didn’t get any respond while I Was there. But later I received an email from Nathalie who was willing to host me, but I was already gone.
Actually I was planning to go back again to meet Paul a friend who I met in Aigle but this time he was not available and I contacted Nathalie. She kindly accepted which I stay her and Nils.
I also asked him to find a school and after 2-3 days there was a school organized in a city nearby called Siron.
On Friday March 15 Nils took me to Siron and I visited Collines school.
we supposed to have a class 1:30min but the students were so good and interested on our topic and we continued 2:20 min nonstop.

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After I left Tehran, I travelled for a 9 days with my 14 years old nephew in Iran. Now I am back and getting ready tostart cycling in 2 weeks. I am also organizing a campaign in the second week of October in Golestan national park. 
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