Tree plantings

Planting tree in Eduparc of Biel-Bienne


Eduparc Biel-Bienne AG
On Friday, 8th of March 2013, Mohammad visited our school in Biel. The students were already excited to meet him, because we've seen his film about his work on Monday. So Mohammad and I came together early in the morning - by bike.
All in all Mohammad talked with three different groups and the students seemed to be very touched by his personality and his journey. Especially the pictures about the children having almost nothing to eat or being infected by HIV touched their hearts

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Workshop in VMS school Frastanz



I have met Klaus while I was almost stuck in snow in Alberg pass and he gave me a lift. Then he invited me to stay with him for a night and now after 2 months from that day I am back again here to meet him and have some lovely day with him.
Clemens who is Klaus’s son helped me to contact his school and they also kindly accepted me to have a workshop in the school. I was actually planning to leave a day earlier but having this chance of visiting school was enough to stay longer and spend some lovely time with students.
Today in the morning Clemens came to pick me and we went to his class

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Planting tree in Marmara university for Jasminka



When I came to Istanbul I was trying to find some people through warmshower to talk, chat, organizing tree planting and sharing our cycling experiences.
I send some emails and I got 2 positive replies from two cyclists.
Abdullah Pekel who is teaching in Marmara university of Istanbul was one of them, but the university was close for a week

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Planting tree in Montessori school in Zurich


I had an old friend in Zurich who I was willing to meet after 6 years. I met her first in India 6 years ago and it was wonderful to meet her again in Switzerland.
I asked her to find a sschool for my project but it was quite hard as it was the last week before new year´s holidays and people were so busy and not very interested to get involved to any other things except their own things.
finally just on the last days before holidays start we could find a school through another friend ( Balz ).

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Planting tree in a primary school in Egg ( Bregenswild )


When I was in Vienna, Aurelia was trying to find a school for my project and she contacted some schools and teachers.
Elisabeth Schwarz who is a teacher in a primary school in Egg in Bregenswile region kindly responded and I went there for our tree planting.
The weather was not fine for a tree planting and we had just our workshop and talking to kids and we just took a tree in a pot as a symbol of our work and also they promissed to plant it when the season is fine for tree planting.

I have a big respect for Aurelia and Elisabeth´s help and support to this project.

17 Dcember  2012

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Planting tree in British school (Bratislava- Slovakia )



After I visit British school n Warsaw the head of primary school kindly sent an email to the British school in Bratislava.
I received a kind email from Niki Meehan the head of primary school in Bratislava informing their willing to help me in my project for planting a tree and a workshop.
they also kindly offered me accommodation while staying there which was really kind of them,

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Planting tree in British school, Warsaw



After Fatma Bulaz who is correspondence for weneedtrees project contacted almost 15 schools in Warsaw, we finally got an answer from Mr. Colter S . Watt the head of British primary school in warsaw notifying their interest for us to visit the school and plant a tree there.

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Planting tree in Den Haag



When I was in Iran just a week before departure I received 2 guests from Netherlands who I met the a year before in Azerbaijan.
Fatma Bulaz and her brother.  She already knew about my project because we had done it in Azerbaijan where she was working as a volunteer.
She managed 2 schools here in Den Haag for tree planting.
First we went to visit Our World School ( Onze Wereld in Dautch ). Narin who was the teacher kindly managed everything and we had a wonderful workshop.
There was a Power Point to present and some discussion about trees which kids loved it ( I hope so !).
At last we planted a tree all together.  An apple tree which was donated by the principle of school.
I should also be grateful for Fatma Aktas who came as a member of UPF ( universal peace federation ) to join our workshop

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Planting tree in Yazd


گزارش فارسی رو در انتهای متن انگلیسی مطالعه نمائید
When I arrived to Yazd it was almost evening and I couldn’t visit department of environment in Yazd.
Mrs. Rezaei who is also one of the main member of “ weneedtrees” project and she works as an educationist in the project. Also she works in department of environment in Mashhad, so she was trying to organize a school to visit and in fact she did. Through department of environment in Yazd I had a school to visit but I arrived in the afternoon when school was already closed. Next day was Thursday and schools are closed in Iran, so I missed that chance.
There was another possibility!!! It was clean air week in Iran, so the department of environment held an event which was public cycling through the city and at the end of ceremony we were planning to plant a tree…

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