Getting back to Switzerland


After that quite very cold night that I had spent in the tent, in the morning I couldn’t leave quite early because all around of my tent was frozen. At the top of my sleeping bag, there was a layer of ice. It was like a frost.  So I had to wait for the sun to rise. Likely it was a sunny day to dry up my tent and clean all the ice. Fortunately in the next night, I didn’t need to stay outside and I had a friend in Ulm. I just left around 11 o’clock.  I arrived Ulm around 5 in the evening and directly cycled to my friend’s house. I had a warm place to stay. That night was quite nice after such very cold days.

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Visiting International school of Geneva


I visited International schoolof Geneva 2 years ago when I was in Switzerland first. It was all by chance and a simple request to hold a workshop but the vice principle Mrs Banks helped to manage 7 workshops and now after 2 years I went back to visit some of the classes. 
It was so interesting to visit allthose kids again and surprizingly they remembered most of their questions from last 2 years. the most interesting question was from a 6 years old girl " what will happen when you grow up and your bicycle becomes small for you?"

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Visiting International school of Geneva after 2 years


After 2 years I returned to Geneva again and I had the chance to visit International school in Geneva where my good firned Marci Banks is working. 
I met the kids I have had met them 2 years back when they were 6 years old.
Surprisingly they remembered all the questions they have asked me 2 years ago which was kind of amazing feeling for me.  One of them had asked me " what will I do when I grow up and my bicycle becomes small for me !!"  in that time I began to laugh and answered her " I am enough grown up now...I wont go higher anymore !" and this time she were enough big to know that a person does not keep growing all his life. 
I am still hoping to return there again to visit more classes. 
and below is a text by Marcia Banks about my visit to the school 

Mohammad visited several classes ranging in ages from 5 to 8 year olds, sharing what he does, how he lives, indirectly confronting the young children with the thought that one can live without the material goods we take for granted and still be very happy.  The warmth he exuded soon put the young children at ease as

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Book sale in Montessori school for trees


I met Mohammad when he was sitting across the lunch table from me at my school.  We often have visitors, people observing a Montessori school for their training, but they are usually local people. Sometimes they are visiting and speak only English, as I heard Mohammad speak English I immediately asked him about his visit.  I was very surprised to learn that he was there to plant a tree and talk to the children about why we need trees.  For me this was a great opportunity to have the children connect to larger world through an actual person,

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From Geneva to Paris



Ron told me he will take me out of the Geneva by his car. It was a nice offer to get out of the town by car and start riding my bike somewhere on the road.
That’s why I left quite late. We were making joke over my plan which what time I would leave. I was telling Ron which I am going to start around 9:30 and he smiled and said: on which time zone? Swiss time, Iranian time or African? This means on Swiss time I would leave on 9:30, on Iranian ones I may leave around 10:30 or so and on African time I will leave anyway!!! I was happy to take African time as it was so flexible and easy one. That’s why we left around 10:30.
he drove me out of the city and when we drove around 30km out of the village where they live, I found a very nice road and just wanted to be on my bike to ride it through that road. So he dropped me there and after I checked the map we said goodbye and I began to ride.

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Workshop in International school in Geneva


When I was in Geneva at the first time, I just passed by the International school and I left my visit card there at the reception. Honestly I was not expecting a lot to have any response but I received an email after few days from Marcia Banks who is vise principle of primary school. I was already gone but it was kind of motivation for me to go back again to Geneva. after I returned from Turkey, I took my bike and I started cycling toward Geneva and I was there. Marcia kindly invited me to stay with them. they were lovely and I had a wonderful time with them

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Plantingtree in International school in Geneva


I was in Biel. It was the first night which I arrived there and Renate told me they are going to a birthday party that evening. I joined them also to meet more people and know new people as well. It was all fine and we had a lovely chat. I met Alison that night and we discussed a bit about my project while she excitedly giving reaction about weneedtrees. I was quite surprised and happy.
Next day I received an email from Jan who is a teacher in international school in Geneva asking if I am heading there or not, or if I can visit their school? He said which last night I have met someone in a birthday party who sent the email to Jan introducing me!! Very kind of Alison

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Planting tree in OSZ Mett – Bozingen in Biel-Bienne


Last time when I was in Biel-Bienne, Renate introduced me to a friend of her who is teaching in one public school in Biel. I couldn’t stay longer that time also in a short notice she couldn’t organize a time for our workshop. So we planned for Monday 18 of March to return and have our workshop there. From Geneva I took a train to Biel and I left my bike there to come here and visit the school. we started at 9 am with 2 classes and after a short break there was another class which was kind of international one.
Just few students but we had a very nice conversation and at the end of class we planted a tree together. During the lunch time Pia and I went to a restaurant where elderly people live and Renate also joined us. After lunch I had another class in school and again 2 classes merged to have a longer session. a
s they were older a bi

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Last days of cycling through Alps



My journey lately in Switzerland was full of moving from one point to another. I had to move a lot to visit different schools, applying for visa and also planning my journey ahead to the direction of France.
I was in Thun again with Renate and Martin. I just stayed there for a night and then I went to Berne with just a backpack.
I was there for a night and again I went to Biel where I had a school to visit and some new friends to make who are like a family for me now. Much closer than a friend.
Klaus’s sister lives in Biel with her family and I had a chance to meet them and stay with them while being in Biel and of course visiting her school for my project

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Released at July 2
I have been in Iran quite a long time. I am here to develop the WNT Association in Iran which takes lots of time and energy. But it definitally is needed to spend this time here to have the Association working. 
To be honest it is not easy for me to stay somewhere longer than a month and is getting super hard but in the other hand I have no choice. Just need to be patient and concentrate on this work. 
Hopefully I can manage it sooner to be free again and continue my journey. I am also looking for a publisher to publish my book.