Planting tree inn Collines school in Siron



Planting tree and workshop in Collines school in Siron

Last time when I was in Aigle, I sent couple of emails to warmshowers to find a possible place to stay. I stayed there just a night and I didn’t get any respond while I Was there. But later I received an email from Nathalie who was willing to host me, but I was already gone.
Actually I was planning to go back again to meet Paul a friend who I met in Aigle but this time he was not available and I contacted Nathalie. She kindly accepted which I stay her and Nils.
I also asked him to find a school and after 2-3 days there was a school organized in a city nearby called Siron.
On Friday March 15 Nils took me to Siron and I visited Collines school.
we supposed to have a class 1:30min but the students were so good and interested on our topic and we continued 2:20 min nonstop.

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Back to Switzerland to continue life on the road



I flow back to Zurich after 4 weeks.
exactly 4 weeks I was there, in Asian side of Anatolian city, Istanbul. I was staying with Amy a friend Rachelle. However she was in US 2 weeks and I was there alone with two cats, a very nice one and an annoying one who just kills your nerves. But I was ok with it and I was doing my work in the room, so I more was feeling pity for the cat who likes to play and didn’t have good company to play.
my flight was at 14:05 on February 19 and I had to carry all my bags again in the same way as I went there. I had to check in just one bag up to 23km, so I had to grab all my bags with my mattress and use a whole pack of tape to hold it.  Then it was an un convenient thing to carry plus my camera bag, handle bar bag and a plastic bag!!
honestly it was hard and the worth thing I had to change public transport 4 times!! I had no way!!

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Planting tree in Eduparc of Biel-Bienne


Eduparc Biel-Bienne AG
On Friday, 8th of March 2013, Mohammad visited our school in Biel. The students were already excited to meet him, because we've seen his film about his work on Monday. So Mohammad and I came together early in the morning - by bike.
All in all Mohammad talked with three different groups and the students seemed to be very touched by his personality and his journey. Especially the pictures about the children having almost nothing to eat or being infected by HIV touched their hearts

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Last days before having vacation in Turkey


 I was in Eschenbach with Rachelle and her family.
On Monday 14 Jan I could visit Montessori school again which was quite nice to be there for the second time. We had kind of interview in school with kids and afterward I went back home. I was ready for my appointment with immigration office and I was quite sure which I will extend my visa nd continue my journey in Europe.
It was Jan 15 and the time for visiting immigration office to extend my visa. I went there and after finger print and signature the lady behind the window asked me where your permit from Austria is? And I had nothing!!! I was confused and told her I don’t have any!! And in a few min she returned and told me which I should leave Switzerland in 7 days

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Leaving Berne and cycling to Geneva



I was in Berne on 30nd of December and I planned to stay there few days with Benno.
Of course we had sightseeing, lots of talk and walks around the town and for the new year we were invited to Benno’s friend for dinner.
Berne is capital of Switzerland what I didn’t know before I came to Switzerland, I always have been thinking that Zurich is capital city as I have always heard just about Zurich.
I actually didn’t have much to do in Berne a part of staying with Benno and fixing my bike. The rear carrier was not fit with the panniers and always my panniers were falling and it was not so pleasant at all. Even once it caused me falling down in Winterthur.
There is a kind of bicycle shop in Berne which they collect old bicycles and make them apart and use the gears to make another one which could be used for longer time and they send them to Africa. The idea was great actually and I liked it very much

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Geneva...begining of struggle


I was in Geneva for 2 days, some kind of disappointing as I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t find a school, I couldn’t contact Red Cross and all activities I was planning was somehow failed. In the other hand I was almost at the end of my pocket and not much money left for me. My visa extension was on the process and everything looked quite not in the right way, anyway it was my way of looking at things otherwise they were all in the right direction and it was just me who couldn’t realize them and understand them. This is the reason I travel, which is to realize and understand life, develop the way of understanding life and myself and of course expand my heart to love more and more,

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Cycling in Switzerland and meeting friends coincidentaly


I was in Zurich for few days and life was going on there beautiful. still I didn’t have any of how to go through Switzerland. Just 2 days before Christmas Eve Benno called me and we decided to be in his brother’s house for the Eve. So Benno would come to Zurich by train and we proposed to meet on lake Zurich. I had some friends in Zurich but still I haven’t met any of them and I just kept the hope for the time I come go back to Zurich on the middle of January,
just an Iranian young couple who I met in a restaurant before leaving. I went to the lake Zurich to wait for Benno and I was wearing my cycling cloths,

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Planting tree in Montessori school in Zurich


I had an old friend in Zurich who I was willing to meet after 6 years. I met her first in India 6 years ago and it was wonderful to meet her again in Switzerland.
I asked her to find a sschool for my project but it was quite hard as it was the last week before new year´s holidays and people were so busy and not very interested to get involved to any other things except their own things.
finally just on the last days before holidays start we could find a school through another friend ( Balz ).

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Last days in Austria



I was in Klaus house for a night and next day it was still raining. Klaus told me he can send me to Alberschwende, where Aurelia’s parents live and I was planning to go and visit them.
next day I was actually thinking if the rain stop, then I will cycle to Alberschwende which was about 40km…I was checking the weather every 15min to see how it looks, but Klaus’s mother came and asked me if I like fish or not?!! It means that she was going to prepare something for lunch and it also means I just forgot about cycling to appreciate being with some lovely people.
The reason I am cycling is to meet people and stay with them, live and learn from them and I just use bicycle as a mean of transport.

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Released at July 2
I have been in Iran quite a long time. I am here to develop the WNT Association in Iran which takes lots of time and energy. But it definitally is needed to spend this time here to have the Association working. 
To be honest it is not easy for me to stay somewhere longer than a month and is getting super hard but in the other hand I have no choice. Just need to be patient and concentrate on this work. 
Hopefully I can manage it sooner to be free again and continue my journey. I am also looking for a publisher to publish my book.