Cycling in Switzerland and meeting friends coincidentaly


I was in Zurich for few days and life was going on there beautiful. still I didn’t have any of how to go through Switzerland. Just 2 days before Christmas Eve Benno called me and we decided to be in his brother’s house for the Eve. So Benno would come to Zurich by train and we proposed to meet on lake Zurich. I had some friends in Zurich but still I haven’t met any of them and I just kept the hope for the time I come go back to Zurich on the middle of January,
just an Iranian young couple who I met in a restaurant before leaving. I went to the lake Zurich to wait for Benno and I was wearing my cycling cloths,

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Cycling through the last part of mountain in Austria



In Innsbruck I didn’t have any school to visit or anything to do, I just wanted to have rest and get refresh again.
Mirjam was living in a hill which is faced to the city and I could see all the city at night which was amazing.
I arrived there tired but she said that she has a meeting with some friends and if I am interested to join we can go together. I was tired but there was a chance to meet new people and of course new experiences, so it was the purpose of my journey so, I quickly took a shower and we went there.

At night I just died but like all the time after having a tough day I couldn’t sleep well. Usually I cant sleep very well after a hard day or when I am in my tent for a couple of days.

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Cycling in winter...some hard challenges!!



After 2 nights staying in Linz I left there. It was great staying with Annett who is Auralia’s aunt and her family.
they were just great people.
I loaded my bike and hugged them and said goodbye to them. the street was still white and a bit cold but I was glad to be on the road again riding my bike and looking forward to go through new places and specially some mountains.
I had 15km to Linz and I should cross the city with a little map I had from the town. Anyway it took me 1 hour to cross the town and then I was on the road again heading south west. I was following the main road because the bicycle path was full of snow and hard to ride but luckily the road was not so busy and annoying.
I knew I would have 2 light days to Salzburg but still I didn’t have anyone in Salzburg to stay with.  So I decided to stay one night by a lake 90km

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Cycling from Vienna to Linz along the Danube




After 3 days in Vienna I was ready to leave again. In fact it was a couple of days with not much cycling. 4 days in Budapest, 2 days in Bratislava and 3 days also in Vienna and I had just a day for cycling from Bratislava to Vienna with James.
if I wouldn’t have even that day then it would be hard again to get fit but having a ride within those days was fine enough to keep my legs turning pedals.
Always when I am going to face a hard ride, I am not in hurry and I let everything goes very smooth and from Vienna I knew I will have some hard days ahead so I was relax and didn’t leave the house early.
a night before I leave I was checking the map with Aurelia to find out which route is better to take,

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Cycling hrough Slovakiat



The first day in Bialeska-Biawa was so busy, I had 5 interviews with newspapers, local radio and TV and I was at home almost whole day. We were planning to see the forest but I was enough tired to skip the plan and just stay at home.

My plan was just to stay there one day and leave on Wednesday but I just felt I need to stay one more day doing nothing. After Krakow and a lot of sight seeing, riding to Bialeska-Biawa and that big pain I had on my knee, I just felt which I need to have a day off from everything and sleep. So I decided to postpone my departure and keep silence on a corner in house. So after having breakfast with Grezegorz and Anna I went to my room, closed the door and lied on bed. Just relax and I was not thinking of anything.  That’s true which there was a beautiful forest nearby and some mountain but I needed to keep my power and I should avoid of getting tired or exhausted.

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Cycling from Bielefeld to Berlin


I had 400km to ride to Berlin from Bielefeld. Not a challenging road which I could see on the map it should be almost flat all the way to Berlin.
I was planning to make it in 3 days which was quite hard in those short days but after I could just 110km in the first day I changed my mind and I became to the idea of doing it in 4 days.
I was planning to cycle to after Hanover but I couldn’t. it was quite hard to cycle in German roads as I had to follow all the time cycling paths. Of course it is absolutely safe and nice but for me who is not very familiar with roads and rules in Germany was quite hard as well as the cycling paths were going through the cities while the main road just skirts the city and they are much shorter.

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Start Iranian new year with planting trees

Iranians start the new year next to the family, holy places and ...this year we are planning to start the new year next to you dear friends in the nature with planting trees Location : Mashhad - Torghabeh Event starts at 8:30 ended at noon and we will have Iranian national table(haft sin) for our new year and gusts will be served with special cookies and Persian treats .Trees will be planted by kids and we will provide a name for each tree chosen by them.
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Released at September 13
After I left Tehran, I travelled for a 9 days with my 14 years old nephew in Iran. Now I am back and getting ready tostart cycling in 2 weeks. I am also organizing a campaign in the second week of October in Golestan national park. 
These days I am just training to get ready and fit soon again. Luckily I am in a goo dshape. My only concern is to have a pair of tire which I cant find here in Iran and I need someone to send me from Europe.